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7 Jul 2005: according to ZDNet, google has invested in broadband over power lines (BPL).

28 Jun 2005: google has introduced google earth

3 Jun 2005: google has launched google sitemaps which allows webmasters to upload specially-constructed lists of all the pages on their sites. in theory, this will result in faster inclusion into the search engine.

4 May 2005: google has launched a web accelerator

1 May 2005: today marks the most active day in google re-ranking since we started tracking on 1 january 2004. of the 1,000 keywords that we track, 928 had at least some top-10 activity today and 193 had new number ones today. there are lots of losers today, that dropped completely out of the top 10 results (many of those from a #1 spot), but the websites websites that survived, just inched up. so, it appears that there was some sort of filter applied that was brutal for many sites, but only helped the survivors incrementally.

28 Apr 2005: there has been a precipitous drop in google re-ranking activity over the last few days.

26 Apr 2005: according to search engine watch, google has trademarked trustrank... is this a new corollary to or replacement of pagerank?

9 Apr 2005: did you know that the google founders, and the CEO, cut their salaries to $1 last year?

7 Apr 2005: interesting... after some of the most active reindexing we have seen since we started tracking in January 2004, google changes have almost come to a complete halt (for today).

3 Apr 2005: the changes in rankings for the keywords we track is on an unmistakable uptick.

2 Apr 2005: wow! there are some serious changes underfoot... more ranking shifts in the last few days than we have seen in a long time!

1 Apr 2005: Google gulp? aha... must be april 1st.

31 Mar 2005: Google has added stock charts to the results of ticker symbol searches.

29 Mar 2005: Google has acquired a leading web statistics company called Urchin Software.

5 Mar 2005: google has added weather forecasts to associated search results.

3 Mar 2005: internetnews has posted a great article about the technology behind google.

8 Feb 2005: google has launched a mapping service

7 Feb 2005: we may be amidst what some are calling yet another google update... "google allegra"

31 Jan 2005: google is now a domain name registrar

25 Jan 2005: google has launched the beta version of google video!

17 Dec 2004: it seems like a relatively major change is underfoot in google rankings, but for the time being, we are not noticing significant shifts in the 1,000 keywords that we track on rankpulse.

10 Dec 2004: google has launched the beta version of google suggest

2 Dec 2004: ZDnet australia has an interesting article on what makes google tick.

30 Nov 2004: google appears to be working on video search.

26 Nov 2004: interesting... four days after one of the biggest spikes in google reshuffling activity, Thanksgiving day, marks one of the most least-active days in recent memory.

25 Nov 2004: well, it appears that google reshuffling activity is back to normal after that uncommon spike.

22 Nov 2004: wow, this is one of the biggest spikes we have seen in google rank activity since the beginning of the year! will it continue?

18 Nov 2004: google scholar has been launched today.

15 Nov 2004: Google is opening an office in Kirkland, Washington, a mere 7 miles from Microsoft headquarters.

10 Nov 2004: google's homepage: 8 billion pages indexed - thats about double the previous number.

10 Nov 2004: internetnews is reporting that Microsoft is ready to roll out their new search engine.

25 Oct 2004: according to financial times, google's ceo has ruled out the possibility of building its own web browser.

22 Oct 2004: goog has released their first-ever quarterly earnings as a public company

14 Oct 2004: google has launched desktop search.

6 Oct 2004: Reuters is reporting that google is set to launch google print, which allows users to view snippets of text from printed books. The google print results will be displayed along with standard web results, and users will be able to click through and purchase the books from different retailers.

24 Sep 2004: Online Journalism Review has an interesting article regarding Google News.

22 Sep 2004: is google going to launch their own browser?

15 Sep 2004: amazon has brought their A9 search engine out of beta testing.

19 Aug 2004: GOOG opened at $100 per share

18 Aug 2004: google has cut its forecasted IPO price range from $108 - $135 to $85 -$95

26 Jul 2004: according to reuters, google's IPO has been set to be worth 3.3 billion!

19 Jul 2004: according to PCworld, Forrester Research believes use of Yahoo search will surge ahead of Google in the first quarter of 2005

12 Jul 2004: according to Forbes, Google is planning on listing its stock on NASDAQ.

22 Jun 2004: everything should be functioning properly now.

21 Jun 2004: we are experiencing difficulty with our chart generator... will repair as soon as possible. thank you for your patience.

13 May 2004: according to eWeek, google is testing google groups 2

12 May 2004: just launched: the official google blog.

11 May 2004: ZDnet Australia has an interesting article on Craig Silverstein, the technology director at Google.

28 Apr 2004: according to the san fransisco chronicle, google's ipo shares are expected to be offered to ordinary investors.

24 Apr 2004: business week has a cover story on google.

23 Apr 2004: google IPO coming within days?

18 Apr 2004: if google goes public, what will their stock ticker symbol be? GOOG GGLE GOGL

18 Apr 2004: some people are very nervous about the possibility of a google IPO. the fear is that if google is driven by their shareholder's demands for profit, will they try to monetize everything they can instead of focusing on building the best tools possible? siliconvalley.com has an article regarding the possibility of a forthcoming google IPO.

14 Apr 2004: amazon has just released their own search engine called a9

13 Apr 2004: forbes has a great first look at the forthcoming gmail service from google.

7 Apr 2004: cnet is reporting on a very interesting controversy regarding google rankings

31 Mar 2004: google is planning to launch a free email service!

29 Mar 2004: google has just launched, google personalized searches - you select your interests from a broad set of categories and the results are customized for you! its an interesting first step at improving search results.

27 Mar 2004: AP has yet another story about the burgeoning competition for google.

26 Mar 2004: The values displayed in the RPI chart (RankPulse Index) have been very similar over the last three days. Here are the specific values: march 23: 6124, march 24: 6148, march 25: 6198

23 Mar 2004: SearchEngineLowdown has posted an entry about RankPulse.

21 Mar 2004: our list of keywords that had a historically fixed top 5 (since 1 january 2004) is down to zero entries! there still are 23 sites with a historically fixed top 3 and 408 (of the 1,000 that we track) with a historcally fixed #1

20 Mar 2004: MSN is planning to launch its new search engine this July.

19 Mar 2004: webpronews has just posted an article about rankpulse

18 Mar 2004: tech central station has an interesting article regarding the increasing competition among search engines.

17 Mar 2004: google has launched google local (beta) which allows you to perform geography-specific searches.

16 Mar 2004: linuxworld has posted an interesting article on how pervasive google has become in everyday life.

10 Mar 2004: after two weeks of relative calm, yet another spike in rank fluctuations: is google at it again?

9 Mar 2004: WebProNews has an interesting article on Google PageRank

5 Mar 2004: When considering activity (via the RankPulse index) over the last couple of months, Google appears to have two gears: moderate and frantic!

4 Mar 2004: MediaPost has an interesting article regarding the last three Google updates: florida, austin and brandy.

2 Mar 2004: TechNewsWorld has posted an interesting article on the vulnerability of Google.

1 Mar 2004: here is an interesting article about the Google 100, a list of new ideas that they intend to address.

29 Feb 2004: The Mercury News has another great article about the power of Google.

26 Feb 2004: changes in google's databases have finally slowed down; of the 1,000 keywords that we track, only 5 have new number ones today!

26 Feb 2004: Wired magazine has posted an extremely thorough guide to virtually everything related to google.

25 Feb 2004: it seems that google is taking a break. update brandy must have been exhausting!

23 Feb 2004: Technology Review has an excellent article regarding the Google competition that is lurking on the horizon.

21 Feb 2004: financial times has an excellent article regarding the significance of Google and search engines in general.

20 Feb 2004: amsterdam.nl has surpassed runnersworld.com as the most active website in our database.

19 Feb 2004: according to this article from the bbc, google is not going to take competition lightly. the substantial updates evident in the RankPulse Index are a testament to their attitude.

18 Feb 2004: record activity in Google reindexing continues... eWeek has an interesting article regarding the apparent degradation of quality in Google search results, and Yahoo is hot on Google's trail with the launching of their own proprietary search engine.

17 Feb 2004: google has announced today that it has expanded its index to include over six billion items!

17 Feb 2004: wow! four heavy days of movement followed by the highest-ever reading in the RankPulse Index (RPI).

16 Feb 2004: the increased activity in google's index is being referred to as "brandy"; many sites are witnessing drastic movement, and brandy is shaping up to be even more massive than austin!

13 Feb 2004: yesterday, our list of sites with a historically fixed top 5 had 16 keywords; due to the severe changes in the google index over the last 24 hours, today there are only 7!

11 Feb 2004: there has been an uptick in google reindexing activity for the last couple days. the list of keywords with a historically fixed top 5 has dropped two to 16.

9 Feb 2004: the list of keywords that have had a historically fixed top 5 has lost two members: jeans and e (there are only 18 keywords that we track that have had a fixed set of top 5 rankings since we began tracking at the beginning of jan 2004).

8 Feb 2004: searchengineguide has posted an interesting interview with robert sobule regarding microsoft's future plans relating to search technology.

5 Feb 2004: USA today has an article with interesting examples of how critical google rankings have become.

4 Feb 2004: the 7-day moving average on the RankPulse Index has dropped below pre-austin levels.

3 Feb 2004 google was voted best brand of 2003 (BBC)

2 Feb 2004: as is evident on many of our charts, drastic fluctuations are common. debt management has been exhibiting some extreme movement with the top spot dropping out of the top ten only to return again shortly thereafter.

31 Jan 2004: ranking changes have finally slowed down and we are in the aftermath of the very virulent "austin" reindexing. since austin is the first reindexing we have tracked, it will be interesting to see how it will compare to the next one.

29 Jan 2004: the RankPulse chart for running is very appropriate

29 Jan 2004: very interesting movement from the top two positions for painting

28 Jan 2004: the recent and massive google re-indexing has even had an effect on the otherwise-stable chess

27 Jan 2004: as is evident from RankPulse Index, google has been very active in the last few days. many webmasters are referring to these sporadic shake-ups with names - this major re-indexing is being called "austin"

25 Jan 2004: yet another dance between sites in 4th and 5th for classifieds

24 Jan 2004: the typically stable keyword beer has finally had a shakeup. the site in 6th has dropped out of the top ten and the others have moved up to take its place.

19 Jan 2004: the chart for cuba shows a very interesting dance between two sites - they are switching places almost daily.

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