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RankPulse Chart for computer

RankPulse chart

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#1www.dell.com   visit
#2www.apple.com   visit
#3en.wikipedia.org...   visit
#4 www.hp.com   visit
#5 www.gateway.com   visit
#6 www.newegg.com   visit
#7 www.computer.org   visit
#8 www.tigerdirect.com   visit
#9 www.sony.com   visit
#10 www.acer.com   visit
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The chart above represents the Google ranking for the keyword 'computer'. According to Google, 'computer' appears in their database of over 8 billion sites a total of 758,000,000 times. Although we update our database every 24 hours, you may notice variations with respect to a current search because Google often makes intraday changes.

The number of sites displayed in the chart is determined dynamically by calculating the relative activity; therefore, charts for very active keywords will only display the top one or two sites whereas some charts display all 10 results. You can always override this SmartChart feature by chosing which sites you want to view with the checkboxes in the table above.

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